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Instant Flex

A flexible solution that allows companies to respond to the new challenges of hybrid working.

Instant Flex

Easily adopt Flex Office with SharingCloud tools

Moving to the Smart Office is an evolutionary and long-term process. For it to be successful, an organisation must adopt digital flex office software solutions and equipment adapted to its needs and corporate culture as part of the smart city.

Instant Flex is a complete solution to effortlessly organise your teams’ return to the shared office space, while changing over time the flow of in-person and remote working.

QR Codes, infrared and thermal presence sensors, DeskTag, BoxPad… Manage your workspaces to the nearest square metre in order to boost the productivity of your teams and adhere to the smart office work model of tomorrow

  • Quickly find an available workspace in your buildings: meeting room, office, workstation, hot desking, coworking space, etc.
  • Book it in two clicks on the go or for another time via Instant Booking, a GroomPad or Instant mobile by flashing a QR Code.
  • Authenticate your online room booking by passing your badge in front of the RFID/NFC reader integrated into the touch screen of our BoxPad.
  • Measure in real time the occupancy rate and availability of each space thanks to the presence sensors offered by Instant Flex synchronised with Instant Booking.
  • Identify each resource with personalised signage.
  • Reduce your no-shows by making spaces immediately available in the event of a non-honoured room booking with an agile conference room booking system.
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Benefits of Instant Flex

Booking management

Simplified workspace bookings

Optimised visualisation

A dynamic view of each availability on 3D plans

Occupancy management

Real-time management of occupancy rates


Effective tools to manage no-shows

How does Instant Flex work?

A QR Code to access data remotely

Whether it is to reserve a resource, check-in, check-out or extend a booking, our QR Codes make your employees’ flex office seamless.

Innovative technological tools

No need to confirm your booking if the space incorporates infrared or thermal present sensors. All you have to do is sit at the reserved position to automatically authenticate yourself.

Metrics to better manage your buildings

Instant Flex’s presence sensor tools provide access to statistical reporting to enhance the occupation management of your resources.

Optimal integration of our units into your organisation

Synchronised with Instant Booking, Instant Flex offers sensors that communicate with the SigFox or LORA networks. Irlynx, CSM and Disruptive Technologies sensors are already integrated into Instant Booking.

Seamless integration with your

everyday tools

Thanks to its open API, Instant Suite® features securely connect and integrate into your own applications, including mobile apps.




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