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A digital interaction solution to transform your touch screens into interactive terminals.


Inform and entertain your employees, customers and visitors

Combined with Instant Signage, the SignPad solution allows interaction on two levels. Create value for internal and external users by allowing them to access extensive information in real time in your smart buildings. Reinforce your brand image with your customers and prospects at your points of sale and points of communication.

  • Engage all of your users and interact with them, both in your buildings or at your points of sale
  • Distribute all types of corporate content (3D building plan, web content, corporate videos, brochures, questionnaires, forms, Android applications, etc.)
  • Modernise your traditional POS and communicate interactively about your products and services
  • Offer this content in multilingual format via Instant Signage

Benefits of SignPad

Centralised management

Centralised management of your corporate and promotional content

Diversified formats

A multiplicity of content formats to promote interaction

Custom interface

A fully configurable and customisable touch interface

Brand image

A significant improvement in your brand and employer image

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Seamless integration with your

everyday tools

Thanks to its open API, Instant Suite® features securely connect and integrate into your own applications, including mobile apps.

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