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A touch screen that simplifies the management of reception services


Facilitate and enrich your visitors’ reception experience

Part of Instant Guest, this 10-inch touch screen simplifies the hospitality management work of reception staff. They can visualise all the visitors of the day at one site and welcome them without wasting time. Beyond this primary function, GuestPad can also be used as a dynamic display screen to broadcast all of your multimedia content throughout the smart office.

  • Your visitors arrive and easily confirm their arrival
  • Your visitors have easy access to the WiFi Guest code
  • Your employees receive a notification as soon as the visitor registers
  • Reception staff print the visitor badge or a fully customisable GuestTag
  • Reception staff can personally welcome each visitor because they are one step ahead, thanks to visitor management software

Benefits of GuestPad

Optimised reception

Centralised supervision and management of your visitor management

Group management

The option to prepare badges in advance for a delegation

Improved relations

A more human exchange with your visitors

Translation of materials

The option to broadcast films, brochures, website, images, etc. in several languages

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