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Why have your Smart Building certified?

Smart Buil

The term Smart Building is used to describe a large number of commercial buildings. But how do we tell the difference between one Smart Building and another? Several certifications exist to assess and value buildings according to their infrastructure, connectivity and services. A brief overview of these certifications!

The R2S certification


R2S certification

Created by the SBA and CERTIVEA, the R2S certification assesses the infrastructure and devices enabling the deployment of services to improve the energy performance of the building. The implementation of an IP backbone network, called the Smart Network, connecting metering and fluid control equipment, is a prerequisite for this certification. An important part is also given to project governance and digital security. This certification is the basis for other reference frameworks such as R2S-4GRIDS for energy, R2S Connect for building APIs, and R2S-4MOBILITY for electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Some figures:
2018: launch year
1.7 million m² committed, i.e. a hundred or so projects
4 levels of certification
56 criteria


The WiredScore certification


WiredScore is an international certification that assesses the internet and mobile connectivity of commercial buildings.
It measures infrastructure (entry points, telecom premises, risers), wireless connectivity (Wi-Fi, mobile), resilience (electrical, flood measures), availability and access.
WiredScore also provides broad visibility for certified buildings through a global presence and marketing tools. This allows maximum value and benefit to be derived after certification.

Some figures:
2013: launch year
65 million m²
4 levels of certification
28 criteria


The SmartScore certification

SmartScore is an international certification, supported by WiredScore.
It assesses the user functionalities present in the building such as room booking, air quality, building access, energy consumption, safety, etc.
It also measures the technological foundations needed to deploy these services, as well as the procedures and policies to be put in place in a smart building.

Some figures:
2021: launch year
2.5 million m²
4 levels of certification (from basic to 3 stars)
62 criteria



3 certifications for 3 objectives!

  • WiredScore assesses the connectivity of the building. This certification allows developers to enhance the digital infrastructure of their buildings.
  • R2S assesses the infrastructure and devices to enable the implementation of services to improve the energy performance of the building. This certification will help Buildings & Facility Managers improve the durability and scalability of their buildings, as well as optimise their energy efficiency.
  • SmartScore assesses the services and the technical basis for their implementation. It ensures that a number of services are available to tenants in the building.

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07 Oct 2022



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