INSTANT GUEST - écran tactile Gestion visiteurs Our smart building solution to improve your resident’s and guest’s user experiences.

Instant Guest ensures a simple and efficient guest management to adjust the visitor’s flow and simplify the work of receptionists.

Main benefits

Send customizable appointment confirmation emails
View all the visitors of the day thanks to the Instant Guest interface
Receive a notification indicating the arrival of your guests

GuestPad visitors self-checking 10” touch screen enables:

  • Guest registration
  • Meeting organizer notification upon guest arrival
  • Easy visitor’s check-in
  • Wi-Fi guest access generation

Anticipate your guest’s journey

To offer ever more fluid and efficient guest’s experience, Instant Guest integrates two new customizable invitation email templates for internal and external users.

They allow you to anticipate your guest’s journey by providing them with all the useful information:

  • Practical information and access map
  • Hygiene and sanitation regulations and reception conditions reminder
  • Your guest can accept / decline the appointment and add it to his agenda.

Simple and perfectly integrated solution

Instant Guest foster your resident’s and guest’s user experiences through its perfect integration into your booking platform and automatic check-in capacity.