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4Kast Player

Universal wireless projection

4Kast Player

Modernise your spaces with Hybrid Signage

4Kast Player

Easily multiply your collaboration spaces without changing the layout of your offices. Turn all your corporate communication screens into ad hoc collaboration tools.
Improve the attractiveness of your spaces and encourage your employees to return to the office. Reduce the power consumption of your screens and give a second life to your existing screens

  • Wirelessly project your content from any computer (Windows / Apple) and smartphone (Android / iOS), without the need to install software and without a USB dongle
  • View your digital signage content and booking information in all your meeting rooms.
  • Control screen sleep/wake-up; they turn on when necessary and turn off automatically.
  • Centrally monitor and administer your 4Kast Player base with Instant Device Manager.

Discover the new solution that combines wireless projection and digital signage

Antoine Plantier, CEO of SharingCloud, presents the 4Kast Player at ISE 2022

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Benefits of 4Kast Player


MTR and Zoom Room compatible


Universal wireless projection


Informal collaboration spaces

The 4Kast Player offers a continuous in and out room experience and allows companies to optimise the use of screens with digital signage solutions.

The 4Kast Player offers you two unprecedented experiences:

Hybrid signage to improve collaboration. Augmented booking experience for hybrid workspaces and meeting rooms.

réservation de bureau

Enter the Hybrid Signage era

This new solution allows employees to wirelessly project content onto all screens available in the office by offering the possibility of converting a dynamic signage space into a collaboration space at any time.

The 4Kast Player helps companies multiply ephemeral workspaces in the context of hybrid work to optimise profitability and space utilisation.

Seamless integration with your

everyday tools

Thanks to its open API, Instant Suite® features securely connect and integrate into your own applications, including mobile apps.




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