Instant TV is a platform allowing to manage videos and is embedded in your information system.
Broadcast your videos everywhere live or V.O.D, on your intranet or any digital signage screen (including Roompad ® and Groompad)

Instant TV - Corporate signage solution

Main Benefits


Live or VOD broadcasts


Optimal end-user experience on any device


Embedded in your Intranet or your CMS


Social network functions

A complete video management platform embedded in your information system.

  • Instant TV provides all features allowing Communication Departments to manage efficiently te entire lifecycle of video content (MP4, encoding, publication, optimised broadcasting streaming, channels and contributors rights management…)
  • Thanks to Instant TV, broadcasting any video content Live or VOD on your intranet and any digial signage screen (including RoomPad® & GroomPad) has never been so easy.

Instant TV allows your employees and administrators to:

  • Publish a video content Live or VOD. It is either open to all contributors or restricted according to levels of content management.
  • Encoding any video format in MP4/H264, full HD.
  • Easy integration to your Intranet and CMS such as WordPress, Sharepoint, Jalios, Joomla.
  • Broadcast video contents on any device using adaptive streaming: PC, Mac, smartphones, Pads.

Intuitive user & administration interface

  • Instant TV allows you to manage any number of channels for your organisation. The social features such as ranking, sharing or adding a comment help you to enrich the audience experience.