Main Benefits

Broadcast on RoomPad ®, GroomPad or any screen via Instant Player.
All contents are HTML5, usable on any Web site or Intranet
Centralized management and supervision of all signage devices
Simplified template editor for your playlists

Comprehensive digital signage solution

  • Instant Signage enables you to create and manage easily corporate and interactive rich media contents for your employees and visitors.
  • You create multilingual customized or unified playlists for your points of sales in any market.
  • You do not have to care of the format anymore; Instant TV encodes and re-encodes for you.
Instant Signage
Instant Signage

Centralized supervision of digital signage devices

  • Create templates and content have never been so easy and intuitive. You want to use powerpoint template, just do.
  • Contents are exclusively HTML5 and reusable on any Web site, Intranet or CMS.
  • Contributors can post content; you validate it and it is published.