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Import all your content in HTML5 mode
Import all your content in HTML5 mode
Manage and supervise your broadcast area from our web portal
Easy playlist building and programming

Your comprehensive digital signage solution

  • Empower your digital communications with Instant Signage!
  • Our software might manage your image files, encode your videos and slideshows, display your web content, live feeds, tweets, live events and IPTV
  • Create your own playlists in a few clicks and broadcast it to as many locations as you wish
  • Program content anytime of the day using your own template design
Instant Signage
Instant Signage

Supervise remotely all your devices

  • Adding content to your media library, building playlists and displaying them is easy and intuitive
  • Save it and see it displayed! Your changes as well as the scheduling options you take are implemented in real time on the assigned devices.
  • The different contributor profiles allow you to supervise devices at building, site or retail network scale