Main Benefits
Manage your bookings in a handy way
Find a room easily
Manage your meetings
Report an issue
Instant Mobile offers all the functionnalities you have on Instant Booking on your smartphone.

Instant Mobile allows you to see all your bookings, and, if needed, cancel easily one booking and release the room.

Thanks to interactive 3D map and wayfinding, Instant Mobile guides you to the room you’ve just booked or the meeting you are attending.

You can also notify a problem like a broken bulb or a device failure via your smartphone. You can also do that on a RoomPad® or a GroomPad.

Booking in 1 click
  • Find quickly and book a free room or desk.
  • Choose the most suitable room thanks to several search filters (favorite location, seat capacity, equipment…).
  • Request a service (catering, room configuration, additional chairs).
  • Add participants to your meeting.
  • Manage visitors access.
My bookings
  • Global view of the ongoing and upcoming bookings
  • Detailed view of a specific booking
  • Booking a free desk in a FlexOffice approach is possible
Other functionnalities
  • Report an issue directly to facility management team
  • Indoor positionning helps you to find a room or a desk and allows to guide visitors.