Main Benefits
Real-time updated information
Extended visibility
Optimizing space management
Time saving for your employees
Instant Box allows facilities managers and users to:
  • Manage non bookable rooms easily.
  • Find quickly non bookable meeting rooms on interactive 3D maps via RoomPad® and GroomPad.
  • Identify from afar the status of meeting rooms thanks to the LED placed above the doors.

    Availability is indicated by the color. Red is busy ; Green is free !

Other functionalities:
  • Fully integrated to Instant Booking, Instant Box offers you the possibility to visualize the status of non bookable (and bookable) meeting rooms on Instant Mobile, our smartphone application.
  • You also have access to real time metrics allowing you to see the use of all your workpace and optimize their usage.
*boxes, meeting and conferencing rooms, confidientiality boxes, et al.