GUESTPAD - Accueil GuestPad - gestion visiteur entreprise GuestPad is a touchscreen panel that simplifies the visitor welcoming process.

Guestpad, synchronised with Instant Guest, renews the experience of reception services inside a building. This 10’’ touchscreen panel located in the lobby smoothes the reception of guests, helping them to register easily.

GuestPad is also a dynamic digital screen and can also broadcast any kind of targeted content.

Main benefits

A notification is sent when the guest arrives
Access to the Wi-Fi Guest
Guests self check-in
Creation and printing of badges for guests

Smooth reception services

  • Synchronised with Instant Guest, GuestPad allows the guests to confirm quickly and easily their arrival.
  • The host receives a notification that warns him of the presence of his guest at the lobby.
  • When signing-in, the guest can ask for a code to connect to the Wi-Fi Guest while waiting for his meeting.
GuestPad - accueil
Instant Guest gestion visiteur entreprise

Simplify the work of receptionists

  • The host is informed when their guests arrive.
  • The GuestPad simplifies the exchange between the host agent, who has a daily guestlist

Simplify visitor welcoming process

  • The receptionist can print the visitor badge or their GuestTag, fully customisable thanks to Instant Guest.
  • It is also possible to prepare badges in advance if a delegation is to come.