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In the dynamic world of luxury goods, world leader LVMH stands out not only for its prestigious brands, but also for its constant commitment to innovation and efficiency. At the heart of this approach, Sébastien Crozes, CTO of LVMH Holdings, shares his feedback on the successful transformation of workspaces in collaboration with SharingCloud.   

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Discovering LVMH Holdings and Its Ambitious Project

Sector : Luxe

LVMH Holdings, the financial arm of the LVMH group, is responsible for:    

– Ensuring financial flows 

– Managing key applications for the group’s brands 

– Providing essential services 

As CTO, Sébastien Crozes oversees several areas, from infrastructure management to innovation.  

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Details and Challenges of This Migration

LVMH Holdings’ workspace transformation project involved migrating from an obsolete room booking solution to the French Smart Office expert: SharingCloud.  

The project covered three buildings, affecting 62 rooms and 1,000 users 

This migration was the ideal opportunity to pair SharingCloud with Office 365 and enhance the user experience with the WorkplaceToBe for Outlook add-in.  

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Solid Governance and Fruitful Collaboration

Project governance brought together corporate services, IT, SharingCloud, and the integrator Wipple, with weekly meetings ensuring transparent communication and quick adjustments.   

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SharingCloud Tools for Professional Efficiency

Sébastien C. sees RoomPad®, GroomPad and the WorkplaceToBe® for Outlook add-in as the key tools of SharingCloud to succeed with the migration. With these products, the user experience is now complete and seamless.   


  • The WorkplaceToBe® for Outlook add-in transforms room booking: the interface is simpler, and it offers advanced functions such as ordering exclusive services.  
  • The GroomPad guides guests through an interactive 3D world, revealing room locations with unrivaled precision. It provides total immersion for exceptional guidance.  
  • The RoomPad® provides all the crucial information at the door to workspaces for better facility management. 

 SharingCloud has turned every work environment into an optimized ecosystem. As a result, LVMH Holdings benefits from a complete change for an incomparable and truly modern user experience.   

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Key Figures and User Satisfaction

With a satisfaction rate of 85%, users praised the simplicity of the WorkplaceToBe for Outlook add-in. They can now book rooms in one click. The employees’ positive response highlights how their daily lives were impacted by the transformation. 

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SharingCloud Support: Flexibility and Responsiveness

Migrating 4,000 bookings and 1,000 service requests without error was a real challenge for the SharingCloud team. They demonstrated exceptional mobilization. Sébastien C. praises SharingCloud’s flexibility and ability to evolve according to the specific needs of LVMH Holdings.  

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Wholehearted Recommendation and Future Prospects

Based on this success, LVMH Holdings highly recommends SharingCloud. Other companies have already adopted the solution after observing the success of this project.   

Sébastien C. emphasizes the following points to define SharingCloud’s approach: 




In conclusion, the successful collaboration between LVMH Holdings and SharingCloud shows how a well-planned transformation can significantly improve day-to-day collaboration, while meeting the high standards of a world-leading luxury goods company. 


 Sébastien CROZES, CTO LVMH Holdings


“SharingCloud teams showed that they know how to listen to their customers, and were able to develop their solutions in line with our needs” – Sébastien CROZES, CTO LVMH Holdings

“The WorkplaceToBe for Outlook add-in is much more developed in terms of security, which is essential in the back-office. On the user side, this solution is completely integrated into the employee journey and therefore very easy to use.” – Didier VARIN, ArtineA Consulting pour la DSI Holdings

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