Main Benefits
Optimise meeting rooms usage
Avoid booking conflicts
Find instantly the meeting room you are looking for
Inform your employees and your visitors
RoomPad® is a 10″ touch screen placed next to the door of any meeting room
  • Synchronised with Instant Booking, with Exchange, Office 365, Google Apps or Lotus Notes.
  • RoomPad® displays the name of the room, its planning for the day and its availability (free or busy).
  • You can book or release a room on the fly.
  • RoomPad® allows an optimised management of your meeting or training rooms.
  • When inactive, RoomPad® becomes a digital signage device.
RoomPad NFC Black @Econocom (Finger Touch Screen Roompad NFC)
Fully integrated with Instant Suite, RoomPad® allows you to:
  • Show the room name, availability and booking information for the day.
  • Find a free room thanks to the 3D interactive map and book it remotely on the fly.
  • Release automatically the room in case of no-show.
  • As an option, manage the authentication thanks to a contact-less reader RFID/NFC.
Configurable to meet your needs
  • Each RoomPad® interface is completely configurable and can be adapted to your corporate branding, to the various type of rooms (training, meeting, dedicated rooms, auditorium).…