Instant Contact slider Logo Instant Contact In order to break the COVID-19 transmission chains in the office, SharingCloud has developed the Instant Contact solution. Like, TousAntiCovid application, it can trace and alert all the potential contact persons in order to keep employees safe.

Main benefits

Identify potential contact persons
Improve close contacts localization
Keep employees safe

Provide a safe working environment and office contact tracing

With Instant Contact, if a colleague has been tested positive, you will be able to identify in a few clicks all the people who have shared the same workspace or the same meeting rooms during a given period.

Instant Contact integrated into the statistics analysis tool Instant Metrics

Instant Contact is integrated into the SharingCloud data and statistics analysis tool, Instant Metrics, which helps to understand better how are used the desks, meeting rooms, parking, collaboration areas, and all your office spaces.