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The digital revolution has made data a central part of our daily lives, and the construction industry is no exception. This data, commonly known as “big data”, has become a treasure trove of information for building and civil engineering operators. It offers the opportunity to manage your projects with greater insight. 

In a world teeming with information, it is crucial to understand how to harness this data to create more efficient and sustainable working environments. 


Facing big data challenges in the construction industry


The construction industry is undergoing a digital revolution, with data playing an increasingly strategic role. The entire building process generates a colossal amount of data from: 

However, this raw data is often underused, or even lost, without any real analysis being conducted.
Big data in buildings offers enormous potential for improving operational efficiency, safety, sustainability, and employee experience.
Analytics can:

Yet many construction companies find themselves at a loss when faced with the complexity and sheer volume of data. 


From data collection to analytics and creation of value


Every piece of data collected in the building sector has an unsuspected value.
Whether it is data relating to: 

Such data contains invaluable information for improving the overall performance of buildings. 

However, you must understand that collecting data alone is not enough.
The real value lies in analysing and interpreting data to derive actionable insights. Only in this way can data become an invaluable source of information for guiding strategic decisions in the construction sector. 


With Instant Metrics, data drives change in civil engineering


To address these new data challenges facing workplaces and turn data into actions, SharingCloud has developed Instant Metrics. It is an intelligent reporting platform that enables you to analyse and monitor every space in your buildings.
With Instant Metrics, you can create your own tables based on the daily use of your resources and export the data in Excel format. 


Operational management of your workspaces

Instant Metrics is the statistics module designed to provide an overview of how your buildings are used, thanks to targeted dashboards.
This information can then be analysed to identify overcrowded or underused areas in your buildings.

Using Instant Metrics, operational management of workspaces becomes more efficient.
With Instant Metrics, companies can now: 

This improves employee productivity, reduces unnecessary costs, and optimizes overall space usage. 


Improving your employees’ quality of life

The working environment has a significant impact on employee well-being and productivity. Instant Metrics provides a better understanding of the habits and preferences of building occupants.

Thanks to this data, companies can create workspaces tailored to the needs of their employees.
This improves the quality of life in the office. In this way, companies can enhance employee satisfaction, strengthen their commitment, and increase their productivity.
The data revolution is propelling companies into the future. It is redefining design, construction, and management of buildings. 


Instant Metrics is guiding this revolution towards smarter, more efficient buildings that meet the evolving needs of your workforce. 

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