Instant TV: latest innovations

Instant TV: latest innovations

Instant TV, it is your corporate video channel!   Instant TV allows you to manage your video medias. Brodcast on live or on VOD on your intranet or by digital signage screens. Instant TV in few words:   Instant TV is a complete video management platform embedded in your information system. Instant TV provides all features allowing…


SharingCloud around the world

SharingCloud deployed its Instant Suite solution short while ago on great buildings in Hong Kong and New York. 

Instant Booking is available on different languages: French, English and German.

New Instant Guest interface

New Instant Guest interface

Instant Guest also profits of a new and clearer interface. This portal allows you to manage visitors arrivals and leavings and also receptions and shipments. 

A schedule has been integrated, which allows you a more efficient management of your visitors on longer periods.

Temporary badges new features allows the management of your visitors badges, their printings and their database research.

Creation of a 3D plan mobile view

Interactive plans are now available on Instant Mobile.

You can now book a room or a desk directly on the 3D plan, find your way or a specific room via a research button.
You can also see and navigate through the different floors of the building.