SharingCloud rethinks its customer relations 

Client Partners are becoming Key Account Managers within the SharingCloud Business Group. This change is part of our new business strategy and our desire to better meet the challenges and expectations of all our customers. 

Tina, Carlos, Ibrahima, Jason, Pierre, Stephane, our crack team, will be at the heart of this transformation, ensuring that customer requirements and needs are met and the user experience is enhanced. It is a constant follow-up over the long term for mutual benefit. 

New arrivals in Nantes 

SharingCloud’s teams continue to grow and this time it’s in our Nantes office that we welcome 3 new recruits to the Infrastructure and Product divisions!  After completing his bachelor’s degree in computer science, Ronan wanted to continue in this field, which he is passionate about. He then pursued a four-year degree in a work-study program and joined the infrastructure crew as a system and network administrator. Besides that, Ronan is a sportsman, he loves soccer and surfing. He also likes video games.  At SharingCloud, Florence starts a new job and a new sector. After having been a consultant in organization and change management, then a freelance consultant in frugal innovation, she became Product Owner within the Product Group. Positive and creative, Florence has a real taste…


The SharingAcademy, our success!   

The first #Foundations&Solutions training session of the SharingAcademy ended on February 25, 2021.  The Solutions course, which took place from February 23 to 25, was entirely dedicated to SharingCloud’s Smart Office solutions:  Instant Booking, which enables optimal management of bookable spaces (meeting rooms, shared offices, parking spaces) and facilitates visitor reception.  Instant Signage, a digital signage solution that enables multimedia content management and programming.  Thanks to our team of trainers Carlos, Louison, Cyrill, Ibra, Sabrina and Laurent, all our partners from Ricoh France, CapVisio and Wipple now know how to efficiently deploy our flagship products to end customers. We thank them for their strong involvement  The overall result of this first part is very positive! The average score for the two courses in the satisfaction survey sent to all participants was 4.7 out of 5. A training considered as being very complete and detailed.  Next dates: March 9 to 11…


Beginning of the SharingAcademy courses 

Our brand new SharingAcademy started this week with its first Foundations course on the complete view of our Smart Office solutions.  

Nearly 20 participants registered for this first session: OBS, Ricoh France, Cap-Visio, Axel-IT and Wipple.   


The program of these 3 days includes four topics, including :   

Presentation of the global view of solutions  

How to support our solutions  

How to install the equipment  

How to manage the deployment of a project    

We thank our team of trainers Thomas, Mehdi, Olivier and Carlos for their commitment.  

Don’t miss the Solutions course that will take place from February 23 to 25.   

To pre-register or ask a question, please contact us at 


Our brand-new SharingClub

The SharingClub has been initiated by SharingCloud in 2018 to enhance the interactions with the customers regarding our Smart Office solutions and receive their feedbacks. This year, the SharingClub is reinventing itself and is taking on a new dimension. We wish to put it in the core of our customers and partners relationships through different…


SharingCloud, welcome to our new building!

In December 2019, SharingCloud has fixed an ambitious challenge to design a nice to live office, in the heart of the Point du Jour district in Boulogne-Billancourt (Paris district, France). We led workshops to identify wants and needs, modes of interacting to build a cozy place to meet and exchange all together. With our partners…


SharingCloud is starting the new year with new talents

SharingCloud keeps recruiting and welcomes Marion, Jacques Dutronc, Lydia and Caroline. A Digital Projet Manager, then a Product Owner in an insurance company for more than 6 years, Marion is joining SharingCloud as a Scrum Master to support the teams in product development. Besides, she likes discovering new countries and cultures, sports and is sensitive…


Instant Guest new feature

SharingCloud is improving the guest experience. To always welcome guests more fluidly and efficiently, and make desk people’s job easier, Instant Guest has added on two new invitation email templates to customize for internal and external guests. They help to better prepare your guests’ arrival and management, providing all useful information: Useful information and map Reminder…


Instant Contact by SharingCloud

Break COVID-19 transmission chains in the office In order to break the virus transmission chains in the office, SharingCloud has developed the Instant Contact solution. Like, TousAntiCovid, it can trace and alert all the potential close contact persons in order to keep employees safe. With Instant Contact, if a colleague has been tested positive, you…


SharingClub inaugurates its SharingAcademy

Our SharingAcademy has been officially launched: subscribe now to Foundations & Solutions courses! As part of the Business Partner Program, SharingCloud is introducing now the SharingAcademy. Conceived as a place of expertise and sharing, it aims to form our partners to guide our clients in their digital transformations. The SharingAcademy is a perfect catalyst to…