SharingCloud X Action against hunger

On October 8, 2021, The SharingCloud team decided to rally at the Parc de Billancourt during the #Challengeagainsthunger to allow ACTION AGAINST HUNGER to help the most vulnerable ones. During this sporting event bringing together several companies, not far from €47,000 in donations were raised. Congratulations to Nadège-Aïcha Mayaki, Thomas Rechter, Yasmine Benchohra, Olivier COSSET, Laurent…

The agile method, not to be underestimated!    

Adopt its great values to succeed in your digital transformation: 

– People and interactions VS processes and tools 

– Operational software VS exhaustive documentation 

– Collaboration with customers VS contractualization 

– Adapting to changes VS following a plan 

And don’t forget the KPIs: 

– Quality 

– Velocity 

– Team robustness 

– Product added value  

– Self-managed teams 

Karl Furgerot, our Chief Agile Officer gave an agile method class at the University of Nantes. 👏 

We hope this first presentation is just the beginning of a long series! 🤝 

SharingClub Webinar – 06/24 – Flex Office, how it works? 

Back soon for our 2nd Webinar, which will take place on June 24, 2021 at 11:00 am! This time it will focus on Flex Office and mobility. 📣 

On the agenda, feedback from our clients at the forefront of #flexoffice: La Banque de France, PwC and Sodexo 🤝 

In addition, SharingCloud will present its Flex Office product strategy. 

A special dedication to Sabrina Bezghiche and the whole SharingClub team for the organization. ✨ 




Review of the OBS Webinar of May 20 

On May 20, the Orange Business Services webinar  on the new challenges of office buildings took place. 💡🏢 

Want to know how to reconcile hybrid work, well-being and productivity?  

The remote work planning impact on building occupancy and organization? What are employees’ expectations and how to organize spaces accordingly? 

Then find the replay right here 👇 : 

A hint at the video recorded by Antoine Plantier, CEO of SharingCloud to explain OBS – SharingCloud partnership 

Historic Partnership with Exaprobe     

SharingCloud is proud to partner with Exaprobe. 

This commitment facilitates the digital transformation of our clients and enhance the effective implementation of flexoffice, office space optimization, visitor management and digital communication. 


This approach is based on SharingCloud’s strategy of constant innovation together with its partners, to meet the specific smartbuilding needs of companies around the world. 

To learn more

SharingCloud’s 1st Webinar on Smart Office 

Smart Office: our new products | April 02 11am – 12:30pm | 📅🚀 

Block off your schedule! 

Choose Smart Office for a unique experience within your buildings. Come participate in the 1st SharingCloud Webinar! 

Telecommuting, coworking, connected object integration… Moving to Smart Office is an evolving process, which is part of the long term; choosing a flexible, robust and adaptable solution to your environment is the key to success. Who better than SharingCloud to help you? 

Register now for the first webinar organized by the SharingClub for its members: “SharingCloud & Smart Office: what’s new”, scheduled for April 2 from 11:00 to 12:30. 

Didn’t receive your invitation? Contact our team at 

Hurry up, the number of places is limited!