BoxPad - slider LOGO-BOXPAD Synchronized to Instant Booking and Instant Flex, the BoxPad offers a scalable and personalised organisation for your offices. Real-time booking is now available for usually non-bookable spaces.

Work alone or with few colleagues? You can now book boxes and private spaces for your calls or annual meetings. Scan your badge and the BoxPad will recognise you. You can report an issue thanks to its touch screen.

Main benefits

Higher flexibility for time and space savings
Personalised rules for spaces booking
Colored LED shows if a space is free or not
Report an issue

Make bookable a space usually not bookable

  • Assure that desk is provisionally available: green LED indicates a free desk, so available! If the colored LED is red, the desk is occupied.
  • Switch a desk office as a temporary meeting room: the BoxPad allows immediate booking of this space.
  • Extend the meeting, take a break or free sooner the desk office: the BoxPad touch screen allows you to manage space occupancy.

Confirmation and authentication

  • Scan your corporate badge in front of the BoxPad screen: NFC/MyFare reader (HID optional) identifies you on an ad-hoc basis.
  • Associate to its infrared and thermal presence sensor, the BoxPad, on an anonymous mode, becomes a flex office multi-tool.

Limited reservation

  • You need a meeting with few of your team: the BoxPad makes private boxes bookable.
  • Notify your needs or claims: the BoxPad touch screen send the information.